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Uncontrolled Airspace: The General Aviation Podcast

Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon, Jack Hodgson and the rest of the UCAP gang.

News & conversation about the world of General Aviation flying.

The podcast formerly known as: The No-Name General Aviation Podcast
Every two weeks the UCAP gang will gather to talk about all things GA. You can listen-in as some of General Aviation's most knowledegable, opinionated, and plain-speaking characters do some online, hangar-flying. Show-notes can be found at








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With the stress of not-yet-completed-holiday-shopping coloring their every word, Dave, Jeb and Jack still squander a morning talking about the latest GA goings-on. Dave reveals his true feelings about the airline industry. We introduce the shiny new UCAP Listener Line. Raytheon closes the deal to sell their aircraft operations, and what that will mean. A small Connecticut town "responds" to a successful emergency landing. The FAA seems ready to raise the mandatory airline pilot retirement age, we talk about what that might mean. We marvel at the new "dual crew license" plan. The big jet demo teams announce their 2007 schedules. And Dave tells about the restoration plans for "Doc".

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The UCAP gang are a little punchy on this Sunday morning. But the podcast must go on. They announce the new UCAP blog. After surviving a minor technical snafu they wade into the latest news on the Brazilian midair collision and and its after-effects. They dream about Boeing Business Jets. Coming back to earth, they respond to listener Bill's questions about small plane ownership. Jeb says hi to his buddies in the DC Pilots group on Yahoo, and Dave tells about discovering a different kind of flight.

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In what we thought was a slow news week, the UCAP gang managed our longest episode yet. Winter weather and things to keep in mind when flying this time of year.  Raytheon is looking to sell its GA division, and what that might mean. Cessna is up to a lot of interesting stuff. UCAP gets mentioned in a Macintosh podcast, and in Captain Rod's blog.  Shoot a Cessna in Kansas, get 20 years.  Toyota Prius developer David Hermance is killed when his Interavia E-3 crashes.  Brazil is still holding two US pilots, while more and more people are demanding their release.

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On Uncontrolled Airspace #7, Dave, Jeb and Jack welcome Amy Laboda to the virtual hangar. Amy is the Editor in Chief of Aviation for Women Magazine, and is joining us on the podcast for the first time.

Dave is the guest on the current edition of the Airspeed podcast. We talk about some of the highlights from the recent AOPA Expo. The importance, and satisfaction, of being a pilot mentor as part of AOPA's Project Pilot program. Overall the state of the GA nation appears to be very good, but we're still very concerned about user fees and the future of FAA funding.

A wing-rock to the pilot who executed a successful forced landing in a NYC park. FAA is considering a new policy for how they do the maintenance on their equipment, and we don't like it much. EAA Chapter 225 in Rochester NH has a successful Young Eagles Rally. We talk about what's made the YE program so important.

Eclipse has a blip in their test fleet. Jeb's about to get up-close-and-personal with the Honda Jet and next time he'll report to us on that. And we wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

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Finally, after nine days in a holding pattern, here's Uncontrolled Airspace #6. James Wynbrandt joins Jeb, Dave and Jack again. Dave tells about his health care adventure with a happy ending. The gang compares planes. You can now sign up for the new, episode reminder email list. We talk about how the recent election results may affect GA. Jeb tells about a less than satisfactory experience with ATC. Jack reads listener email, gives a wing-rock to a fellow aviation podcast, and recalls some fond memories. What does it cost to rent a plane these days? A quick preview of the AOPA Expo in Palm Springs. Is the airline's age 60 retirement rule a good idea?

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A little bit different this time as most of the UCAP gang is attending the National Business Aviation Show in Orlando Florida. So we comandeer a bunch of phone lines and internet connections to record the show from Day Two of the three day convention. First we welcome a new member to the UCAP gang, James Wynbrandt. We report on numerous biz jet announcements, some large, some light, and some very fast. Not surprisingly there was a lot of talk at NBAA about user fees. There were some new avionics, and a big number from Eclipse. We also weigh-in on last week's Cirrus crash in New York City. We remember some lost friends. And we celebrate a milestone for a new aircraft.

Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon, James Wynbrandt, Jack Hodgson

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The UCAP Gang got together a little later than expected for episode #4 of their General Aviation Podcast. This time around they talk about the new Secretary of Transportation, the 737 crash in Brazil, they give a preview of the upcoming NBAA convention, and respond to some feedback from a listener. Dave tells us of his experience attending the Bombardier Safety Stand Down. They remember Bader Field, warn about the importance of taking TFRs seriously, and give a review of the movie Flyboys.

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Dave Higdon
Jeb Burnside
Jack Hodgson

Show notes:
  • Weather in Wichita
  • Jeb's crowded hangar
  • Permanent name! The Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast
  • You really should subscribe. See the list in the sidebar at the website.
  • Mary Peters is SecDOT nominee
      Congressional Hearings begin Sep 20
  • UAVs in the National Airspace
  • Listener emails
    •   Ric Reynolds from Wisconsin
    •   Joe Travis from Lousiana
    •   Steve Tupper from Michigan aka "Stephen Force",
    •     His podcast: "Airspeed",
  • FAA says it's gonna hire more controllers
  • Mayor Daley accepts financial consequences for bulldozing Meigs
  • Reno Air Races
  • Adam Aicraft gets A500 production certificate
  • Mustang gets certificated
  • "Flyboys" Movie opens this weekend
  • Jeb's VLJ business overview
  • NBAA coming up in October 17-19
  • Virginia EAA Fly-in at Dinwiddie Field Petersburg VA
  • Dave's attending the Bombardier Air Safety Standdown 2006
  • Bartlesville Oklahoma, 50th Annual Tulsa Regional Airshow, Frank Phillips Field, BVO
  • Cirrus renews Patty Wagstaff sponsorship
  • Opening music: "Sledgeflattener" by Thomas Dolby
  • Closing music: "AirVenture Blues" by James Wynbrandt & Ric Reynolds

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Dave HigdonJeb Burnside , Jack Hodgson

In this episode Dave, Jeb and Jack talk about the Lexington Kentucky airliner crash, the ADS-B navigation system, and the future of light jets. Dave touts the idea of "Personal Jets". The gang calls attention to some upcoming aviation events, and gives a shout-out to some traditional ones.

Click here for full show-notes.
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This is the premiere episode of a bi-weekly podcast covering all aspects of General Aviation.

Every two weeks the No-Name GA Podcast gang will gather to talk about all things General Aviation. You can listen-in on this online, hangar flying session by some of Aviation's most knowledgable, opinionated, and plain-spoken characters.

Episode #1 "First Flight"

Jeb Burnside
Dave Higdon
Jack Hodgson

Complete show-notes are available at

"No-Name" is not the permanent name of this podcast. We're trying to come up with a good one. If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them. Send your name ideas, and any sort of feedback, to

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